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my brief affair with surf rock

by charlie grey

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for Sarah
recorded from december 2014 to october 2015 at basement star studios.


released October 2, 2015

charlie grey - electric guitar, drums, bass, vocals



all rights reserved


Tape Club Mount Vernon, New York

witch haus fan club
543 north terrace ave.
mount vernon, ny

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Track Name: high fidelity weekend
cast a spell with your clothing,
cause you know you've been hoping
trying harder to reach out
but my eyelids are swollen
I bet they don't even know you
they don't listen too closely
they don't connect with you, besides
I'm not much different so oh, please
the magazines aren't coping
and it feels like a golden
glossy pattern would be nice
in a season for smoking

I don't reason the volume of aggressive emotions
won't you find a faucet for the piss that you keep on holding
now, if only hearts were homeless,
you'd be lost without control
this isn't harmless thought you know
the poison's bought to slow the soul, you can go

are you a pop star yet?
or are you under the rug
a beer and cheap cassettes
a decent part of the buzz
without some self respect
you'd be aching for a noose
yeah, right around your neck
you still feel worthless when you're alone
Track Name: binge hate
all he wants is dumpster fame
you and his monkey in the trash
one foot from the grave, so behave
you're so brazen and boisterous
either you're still scared straight
or you're coming out quick

you thought through the details in vain
you sold your fame for this?
they told you slit your wrists
you're not dangerous
when you get home the thoughts you'd grown
become their own and fold into a thousand little paper bones

you're the dust of the earth, he's the shit
he's alone and you're tagging along for it
hold your breath before your next kiss
he only likes when he gets his

I had whiskey in my drink
your girlfriend wants to be like me
got makeup running down my cheeks
skin so hot I make it hard to leave

drinking alone don't answer the phone
is that the worst thing in the world?
I'm caught with controlling the crisis
I'd be so ashamed if the cops found me like this
confronting the ghost of my beer-shot sidekick
to tell his corpse he was never invited
Track Name: anise
I like the way you smell
I think I'll send my thoughts to hell
for drinking all by myself
so keep my picture off the shelf
ice cold TV show static melts
acid flashbacks, do send help
I've been talking to all my doubts
please help me shut my fucking mouth

how do they make me believe you're worthless, oh
ask all of my friends who wouldn't know
they're just there for the darlings at the show

I want to smell your hair
if you were right there's nothing there
obnoxious and unprepared
my self doubt is self aware
I'm crippled, cathartic
pathetic and heartless
broken ribs for the sympathy
all to lure my friends to comfort me

I'll lose my youth to wasted bedroom friendship flukes and bite her shadowed afternoons to draw from shallow skin the fumes of every aching spell
Track Name: boredom and romance
I've been seeing a woman who looks a lot like you
she floats in the air within my heart shaped room
she's a real one, her debut
is on my eyelids, I enjoy the view

are you living on your own?
do city lights adore you, well
there's a big dream coming
to take me away from my parent's house at 24

if I wasn't so bored
maybe I could get old

with every thought I'm waking up
to tattoos of my superhuman blues
cause I'm the denyer, I'm the destroyer
my regrets are my last employers
faintly aging without change, its your veins
Track Name: how to enjoy tea
I've been waiting so impatiently
spend the days awake, still find it harder to sleep
I disgust myself, want to drown and melt into my sheets
wake up late, already time to leave
I'm so tired I'm just not myself
eyelids, liars left expired
fighting with poor mental health
still in bed beside yourself

rearrange me baby 'cos these days don't seem to change me
are the moments worth embracing if they're just past dreams we're chasing, and anyway

look what you got, its what you thought it was
before you realize you're caught
inside a trap that makes you feel free
the lives that you leave and exchange are a cage
you were late to the scene of what's written inside of your head
the actors arranged to be lost, to be led
and found they were fortuned to forget their flaws
the tragic parts in the course of the play
before the minutes escape and life boils away, but
its no rush, no want, no worry
there's still time
sit and wait for it to cool down
watch the circles steep and steam
another cup of tea
Track Name: girlfriend
slow down, I don't adore you like I should
you take your clothes off its a ritual
the rites of which have been observed
call me controlling and habitual
I know that you aren't
it hurts to be the jerk
its harder

but its so small an uncertainty
held on like an addict, addled
desperately to cope, to cop, so stop
I've hopelessly abused your company
darling, kiss my neck and I'll forget about myself

and I'll forget the hardened doubt
beneath expression I'm still empty love
I'm always aching for your arms
you heart was calling I hung up the phone
Track Name: my brief affair with surf rock
was it a mistake?
when you told me that you liked me
can you explain what you find that's so enticing
I'm a flake, when I'm at home I feel much better
sleep for days, all my thoughts unfold

impending doom's out my front door
for fear of getting caught off guard
I'll stay in place, complacent, lazy

you must be insane
if I were you I'd drive my car a thousand miles away
just to be free from the inclement weather

is it raining, is it pouring
I'm an old man, always groaning
dusty dial tones, black telephone's embrace

you'd have my two arms to hold you,
my emotions to revolt you,
hope you don't like me
I hope you refuse

I'll let you down
Track Name: W2
put yourself in a car backseat
six or seven years ago
the rain streaked patterns on the glass
keys jangled in ignition's hold
remember arching fingers forwards
on our backs to numb the cold
we kissed but could you even know her
lovers, young and vulnerable

imagine all the pain
the past projected present
to spay the silent strain
of years, detached, revolving on

I still have affection for your record collection
and affinity drawn on the hours I held you
in the shape of an island, I don't want to be here
I don't want to live too long

life is easier
stranger than it was
often just the troubles we make it
harder than it hurts,
the pain isn't deserved
restless, foggy, and naked

it couldn't be tomorrow
or forty years of longing
we're in the back seat of a car
my first love

I still have affection for your record collection
and affinity drawn on the hours I held you
under the bright lights, shining
I don't want to live too long

whatever, here you are
another brokenhearted august
walking haunted searching for the stars