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Lame Brain

by Tape Club

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recorded from august 2013 to march 2016 at witch haus, the manor and basement star studios
produced by tape club


released March 22, 2016

tape club is
jackson kolt
jenny queen
charlie gray
muddy bitch
fried puba chicken sandwich
eddie samson
linzer tarts
mama nono
an unidentified bearded man
j p sacca



all rights reserved


Tape Club Mount Vernon, New York

witch haus fan club
543 north terrace ave.
mount vernon, ny

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Track Name: Hotels, Hostels & Hospitals
Dazed beyond a reasonable state
Turned around to get my thoughts straight
Piercing crescendo
No words are perceived
It's much better when you're not in the drivers seat

Grab a comb
Say how do you do
Watch out for your shoes
Those are swift kicks
4, 5, 6
Was just looking for that french kiss

If you stress you'll regress
They say lack of sex makes you a mess
Feeling pretty empty with your head in the guillotine
Open up your eyes and you will turn out to see

Learn how to be sad
So you know how to be happy
Time to suck it up and stop being sappy
Just get low
Change your perspective
You ain't Van Gogh

I had a crush
She made my ears bleed
You know we didn't touch
But I could hear she told her friends about it
Track Name: Dentist
It's strange
To feel sane
When our conversation stays the same
Your attitude hasn't changed
It all feels like some sort of game

But then I get to sleeping
I get to dreaming about you
Thinking maybe you can make my
Fantasies come true

You go through friends faster than you eat a candy bar
Better watch out before your teeth rot and fall apart
But then I saw your smile gleaming pearly white
You whispered softly, that muzak melody

But then I got to sleeping
I got to dreaming about you
But I woke up in a cold sweat
And remembered the truth

That talking to you
Is like going to the dentist for a root canal or two
And all the dreams I had
We're clearly novocaine induced

It's lame these days
To fake the way I say your name
So I brush and floss but grit my teeth
You know you're always mine when you're beneath me
Track Name: Rockstar Lifestyle
Rockstar lifestyle, might not make it
Like any other motherfucker on the train it's the same shit
Just a scumbag sleeping on his side uptown
Hold on to your highs so that you never come down

I've been scratching at the corners, I've been tearing out the seams
Cause I'm just itching for a piece of you it's driving me crazy
Bloodshot thoughts and the parts of a song I should write
Aren't the only things to keep a head crowded tonight

Alright, alright
So if you're looking for a light
Find a friend and step outside

Rockstar lifestyle, don't get paid shit
Spend daytime denying the night-time arrangements
No I ain't a liar, you could call me a dilettante
In your head at night you say whatever you want, yeah
Whatever you like, you'll be a silent savant all night

Ate up a whole big bottle of dreams
I saw the prettiest things you could conceive
And I'm fucked, I lost touch an hour ago
All the bright buzzing sounds go

Burned a hole in my throat with a British cigarette
Well, it wasn't just one, but seventeen to be correct
Have you seen my friend Kolt?
He's got that rockstar lifestyle, might not make it
Track Name: Mr. He
I love you but I hate you
I'd kiss you but you irritate me
Talk like I can't hear
Till there's blood clots in my ears

That face is the same I saw before
It says give it all to me and more
Wants to be everything
Just let me be nothing

So I'm going out to sea

When your sick of looking great
Because it's the only thing on your plate
Can't multiply or divide
With starlight in your eyes

The crowd is growing bigger
The air is getting thicker
One word to her could change it all
But your just their getting small

So I'm going out to sea

It's dark in their with no windows to spare
Holed up in the den just talking to a friend
We can smell it in the air but I still have that frosty stare

The future was unfolding with the arc of a broom
I thought "Oh shit... I wish..."
But alas I heard kaboom
Twiddling and fiddling it gets colder by the day
If only I had that broom to sweep my troubles away

You know they say a wolf never shows his teeth except for when he's prowling
But what about the times when he's growling

I'm not raw
I'm just a bit undone
So please understand
It's nothing personal but
I succumb
Track Name: Bronx River Parkway Blues
Trying to find
Someone that's less boring
She's always talking about obscure things
I'm tuning in and out trying to
Recall that mundane dream
It's so amazing
My subconscious is lazy
Just getting busy overthinking on this

Plain day
It's so melancholy grey

You're saturating the scene
But you fake sincerity
Hold back my hair please
I'm getting dizzy it's not pretty
Please just let me drain away
My thoughts embarrass me
Gotta take them off my sleeve

You stay on your toes and I'll take it slow
Take it slow
Track Name: Gemini
I kiss you and the world begins to fade
It's like I'm on holiday
But I'm barely out the door
Packed my bags, they're in the car
Makes me wonder how long
Until we get back home
You're by the side of the road
Won't you get off your phone?


Hands smell like Big Pony No. 2
And falling in love with you all over and over
And these days I'm not myself
I don't remember what we talked about

So if it's convenient for you
It was convenient for me

Cheer up, Charlie

Track Name: E&J
How can you cut holes in your head
And be so damn close minded too?

How do you drink the way you do?
When you stumble to the corner, introduce yourself
You're pissing out the wine that makes you
Track Name: I miss hanging out with my friends who black out together
Johnnyboy get your ass on a train tonight
You never leave your room and that's not alright
I hope your woman holds you tight
Cause we'll all be casually drunk tonight

Bloodshot, not tired
Easy Tiger

Cold on a roof and I love you too