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fire escape etiquette

by Tape Club

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recorded from august 2013 to march 2014 in the upstairs bedroom in northport, the basement on high street, in the backyard and downstairs at witch haus
produced by tape club


released December 14, 2015

tape club is
charlie gray
jackson kolt
jenny queen
millie siris
j p sacca
linzer tarts



all rights reserved


Tape Club Mount Vernon, New York

witch haus fan club
543 north terrace ave.
mount vernon, ny

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Track Name: listen to me lie
I'm not stupid I swear
I know a pretty girl when I see one
and I know what I deserve
arrogant and narcissistic
other girls just can't get with this
what if I just told you you were mine?

listen to me lie

well I try my best I'm disaffected
honey now don't get possessive
don't you know that loneliness impairs?
one more drink to my affection
I'll hold you till you're undressing
honestly I'm so empty inside

listen to me lie
Track Name: overcrowded underground
walking through the park and then I saw her on the platform
any gentleman like me won't do you no harm
a stranger I never saw
what's stranger than a facade?

kissed her lips raw until my heart went numb
I was thinking of the times that I held her closer
when I found myself in her tiny room

overcrowded underground
Track Name: intimacy vs. isolation
in my daydreams she was a tease
tried to tell me she wouldn't have me
in the evenings I'm still feeling like
there's something forgotten something lost

but I'll be your sweetheart, weather permitting
I'll walk through the park if it's pretty

don't look at me that way I'm not that strange
from all fluorescent flickering neon nights
find it hard to sleep beside her if I'm too tired
I could break it off, we were nothing from the start

hey hey hey

fuck her feelings of contentment,
I still feel like I'm so restless
I've been saying that I'm fine
find a way to pass the time

hey hey hey
Track Name: tile floors
I poured myself out onto the floor
I poured myself out

I sank myself down into the stone
I sank myself down

but I'm still alive

we were tangled up at the roots
we were tangled up

I had a drought and I sucked you dry

now my water's mine
and I will find
find a way to survive
Track Name: i like nowhere best
wouldn't you rather
go to sleep, forget to eat?
read that shit again
'cause its all gonna end when you're dead

go on, say something clever
hope there's PBR in heaven
there's a place to fake the fiction you create
erase, evade, deny, sedate

too soon to tell

shoved in subway cars for status quo
imagine they're invincible
two lines too far
the tracks have got gray letters on the wall

what do you want to forget so badly?
when the corners of rooms are crowded and bleak,
wouldn't you rather go to sleep?

too soon to tell
Track Name: hungry for a beer
tonight I'll be fine
I'm as dry as the wine
tonight I'll make lost keys and friends that don't want me around
just a thing of the past

a night of many errors
the night is dark and full of terrors
but I know that there's nothing to fear here
I'm hungry for somebody near

I was drunk when I first felt your sound
hell I'm drunk right now
its still not my fault though I'm not worth the salt of your tears
I'm not running away

by daylights arrival
I'll be near suicidal
but the sun could take weeks to appear here
and I'm hungry for something sincere
Track Name: the sound of wind through leaves
enjoy the moonlight while it's full
witness the scene the clouds unfold
to cast thin shadows on the road
tell yourself its all right

eyes adjust to the night
check the bridge at the right
the reflection of a crescent
half of something's soundless light
tell yourself its all right

shed what is most beautiful to become bare
Track Name: arlo's never home
haven't seen you much lately
your room's been empty so long
hearts are barren, fragile things
without some friends there's no one home
I'll be close

dirty dishes in the sink
chairs and tables, coffee rings
and I don't mind the drive
'cause I'll be close