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charlie grey

by charlie grey

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written and recorded from july 30th to august 21st in the dining room, the piano room and the bedroom at night-time


released August 23, 2013

charlie grey - vocals, stomps, claps, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, melodica, bass, tamborine, drum machine, shaker, sampling, bass synthesizer, glockenspiel



all rights reserved


Tape Club Mount Vernon, New York

witch haus fan club
543 north terrace ave.
mount vernon, ny

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Track Name: w155th / what the realist told the dreamer
take my picture off the wall if you don't want it anymore,
if the heights are feeling lower than the C
when the thought of our old haunts creaks the hardwoods in the hall,
close your tired eyes to change the scene
when she's weary after work, hope her sister is concerned
concerned enough to care to say the least
I'll be lying in my bed while the lines blur in my head
the realist tells the dreamer he's asleep

live slow die old

so take my picture off the wall, but if you want me to I'll call
he cares about the girl he used to see
do you feel the way you did?
in two week's time her gentle eyes can get so heavy its all so heavy

its all too heavy
Track Name: needle suite / what the dreamer told the realist
charlie's dead, filled his veins with black tar water shooting soldiers in the bathroom down the hall

and when he's gone he won't see the shower curtains crying, thomas knows that horses laugh when shotguns call a quits, get a grip

and since he's dead this evening I slurred empty words, deceit delayed his heartache, took his pony for a fix

he hardly knows his hands recall the hours under past rushing cars in alleyways seattle looked so bleak

she was a figment to me then, her blood red lips and pale white skin I took the train I held her hand

it was something like a dream or my mind was wandering the needle was cold I saw shadows, I saw shadows

how could I forget the scene?
everyone looked so pretty
woke up to the sound of rain
so hold your breath
the restless hours are just moments,
we forget about the past, we idealize

if she wanted she could have it all,
ships on the water and stars on the shore
he could be dreaming
Track Name: morning birds
the birds the birds in morning
out my window sill
the birds the birds in morning
out my window sill
oh, fly away
Track Name: mindfulness practice
gone feeling screaming oh oh
smart, funny, nostalgic for company
forget mountains, miss the clouds there

breathe in

starting over over
oh my love, its been a while
my love

you are standing on a bridge watching yourself go by
Track Name: leaveamaye
what's more important?
the saddest self-enmity
think you deserve it
do you think that he's meant for me
if I could calm myself down
keep my head from all the places
it goes when you're not around
when you're far away I can't think straight
I wonder, will you hold me tonight
think of me, my darling
think of me, my love

or is it a burden
when you're out in the city
am I undeserving of a woman so beautiful

my arms are still yours to hold