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Before You Go​.​.​.

by Tape Club

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Recorded from Nov 2014-August 2015 at The Manor and in the Reptile Room

All songs written and produced by Tape Club


released August 26, 2015

Tape Club is
Jenny Queen
Jackson Kolt
Charlie Grey
Andre W
Slink Beechman
Pancho Sans



all rights reserved


Tape Club Mount Vernon, New York

witch haus fan club
543 north terrace ave.
mount vernon, ny

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Track Name: Hey!
Moon don't run till day catches up
So long we've been exposed
They can't recall
The face they saw

We are different when we sleep

Yesterday we touched a bird
Spoke with our eyes closed
A little voice
Put the sun into words
Track Name: Don't Say Sorry, You're Beautiful
I'm sorry, I'm just... the the
Track Name: Day Light Savings
The indian summer last till the end of October
And with it the warm feelings go
Todays extra hour gave me just enough time
To reminisce and get autumnally low

Oh my sceneries changed
Oh I feel the same, what a shame, I'm to blame

They say you only find love when you least expect it
Maybe I'm trying too hard
Move across the river, searching for someone
End your nights alone stumbling home
Track Name: House Guests
Don't say bad things, I'll fall to pieces
All my old friends have expired their leases
It's not that they gave up, its just that I came up short again
Not angry, just that they're most disappointed
Can't seem to keep up after poor choices
I won't blame them for the times that I've ached to be alone

I'm always lying, I have to get up soon
Dirty clothes thrown on the floor of my bedroom
Litter my thoughts, here's to the years you forgot
Track Name: Monkey Man (Live at the Manor)
You know the monkey man he didn't like no bananas
You know the peels they made him cringe

Those old bananas, they made him cry
Cause he was eating the peel the entire time!

Better luck next time monkey!
Track Name: 5AM Tears
This is the end of the song, the heartfelt fadeout--last lingering seconds before nothingness, before the moment past becomes an inkling of often thought remembrances, saturated by apologies of last nights regrets: an empty hole inside a chest beating relentless without compromise, without conscience, without pride

You are a symbol
You are a symbol

A celebrity in the mind of a self conscious teenager, driving faster than the forceful undercurrent of your thoughts forward and finally into oblivion

To delve into the ocean of opportunity fearlessly?
Or tread in restricted waters safely?